​Reviews and Testimonials

"Scheduling a pickup is very easy. Just call or text. You can choose scented or free and clear detergent."

"So worth it! Clothes came back washed, folded perfectly and smelling fresh. I will definitely be using them regularly."

"Great service! Love the speedy turnaround without sacrificing quality. Love the clean and the scent. I contacted on Tuesday for pickup in Silver Spring. Laundry delivered washed and folded on Wednesday. Definitely will get my repeat business."

This service is such a hassle free time saver! I have a really busy schedule and i'm always worried about falling behind. Now I don't have to.

"Got laundry blues? Let Easy Wash and Fold take care of it. "

"I am very happy with the quality of the wash and fold as well as the customer service. I had some initial issues with placing my order through delivery.com, but everything after that, was great! My two large bags of laundry were picked up on-time and delivered clean and folded as promised two days later. I was able to pay online using PayPal, and I believe you can also do COD. I received reminder texts regarding pickup/delivery 30 minutes or so beforehand, which was very convenient. I highly recommend Easy Wash and Fold, and I will definitely schedule another wash and fold in the future. Thank you!!"

"Updating to give business 5 stars. They are excellent. Great communication especially when I flake and forget to leave laundry out for pick up."

"I had never tried a laundry service before but I was sick of the never ending piles and falling further and further behind. I did a quick search and found Easy Wash and Fold. Scheduling a pickup is very easy. Just call or text. You can choose scented or free and clear detergent. I was so impressed with how neatly everything was folded and they even paired up all the kids socks! They neatly bundled the unmatched ones as well. It's definitely a time saver!"

"After buying a new house & waiting for our new washer to be repaired, we turned to Yelp to help in washing our clothes. First I called yesterday to inquire about delivery services but found out we live beyond their radius for delivery wash. But I was highly impressed whoever I spoke with which led to taking a 30minute drive here. 30 minutes?!? You say? Well yes. Because I read that this facility was new and clean which is HUGE for me. If you are wondering, yes this facility is VERY clean. Spotless actually & it smells clean. I have not done laundry outside the comfort of my home in over 20 years so it was very important that any laundry facility I were to use, be sanitary. I am so grateful for the other two reviewers that took the time to review. Oh, and thank you to the staff here. Job well done and worth the expense both in laundry coins & gas. Definitely recommendable business!"

"Easy Wash And Fold is AMAZING, and their customer service is top notch!!! We had a terrible week that included a sick toddler followed by our washer leaking and flooding our apartment the next day. Our bathtub was filled with our soaking wet clothes. Our hampers were full to the brim, and I was having a small break down about how to handle it all. I contacted them at 2:30 in the morning thinking it was a long shot that I could have my laundry picked up later that day, but they got back to me a few hours later and said they would be by to pick it up! They gave me an initial 2-hour window, and texted again with a more exact time. The pick up guy was so nice and didn't mind waiting a few minutes for my husband to get back with trash bags to finish bagging the soaking laundry. They had it back to us all clean and folded the next morning! It was a godsend for a terrible week. I will definitely use them in the future, if only to treat myself next time, and give me a break from all of the laundry. ;) Worth every penny!!"

"We just met with the guys from the company and first thing that came to mind was how refreshing it was to meet PROFESSIONAL people in the wash and fold industry. The guys were so great and even got our laundry back in the same day. AND they are competitively priced (if anything priced less than some of the these other places that charge more for an unprofessional attitude). I feel great to leave services for my business in competent hands that I can rely on."

"I cannot express how THRILLED I am to have found Easy Wash & Fold. I despise doing laundry, and had let a very large amount pile up. Peter (one of the owners) picked up 10 trash bags full of clothes & linens from my house at 7 p.m., and had them cleaned, folded and returned by 11 a.m. the next day! He even re-washed some things due to a large of amount of pet hair on them, without charging any extra. All the clothes were neatly folded or on hangers, and even grouped together by type. I absolutely LOVE this place, and won't hesitate to use them again!"

"Excellent and superb customer service. The staff were so helpful and friendly and they were so efficient and extremely timely, considering how much laundry I gave them and my limited time window. The first time customer promo was worth trying them out and I will gladly pay full price to use their services again!"

"I'm very happy with their service. One of their guys picked up the bags of laundry at my place and dropped them off at work the next day, texting me when he had arrived. The whole process couldn't have been simpler, and the clothes were expertly folded and smelled fresh. Nice to get all that laundry out of the way in one fell swoop."

"I was desperate and wanted someone to do my Laundry for me after I had my surgery and could not lift. Easy Wash and Fold was a God send. I Recommend this company without any hesitation."